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This is the summary of Intermediate videos - Go to Next Level -
She likes to go to bars.Lesson 30 - "What do you do like to do for fun?"(like to do and like doing) Part 2. Includes review and preview with a summary of the structures & vocabulary in Units 1 through 29, with a peek of upcoming functions and structures.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 30 Exercises

Double-click on any word for an English definition, or translate:

Real English is different. Students who have not lived in an English-speaking country should begin with Lesson 1! The people in the videos are spontaneous. Spontaneity is difficult for many students, just like real situations with strangers are difficult. The people seem to speak fast, but in reality, they are speaking at normal speed.

Real English is also different concerning "levels". Example: Lesson 43 is very easy because the people speak very clearly.

But they use a verb structure which is usually called "Intermediate". All the people you meet in Real English speak naturally, but some people speak more clearly, and more slowly than others.

On the other hand, "levels" are usually determined according to the relative difficulty of the grammar structure used in a lesson. When we say "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" we are speaking about grammar difficulty, not the way the people speak. This is why you will find some difficult beginner lessons & easy intermediate lessons!

Extra activities and lots of fun.

It takes Peter 15 minutes to walk to work.Lesson 31 - How long does it take? - 4 interviews. The use of animation within the videos conveys the meaning of this structure, as is often the case in Real English®.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 31 Exercises

She lives in Harlem. Right now, she's in Central Park.Lesson 32 - Where do you live? - More practice with the present simple, with previews of things to come! Includes regular and subtitled versions. Birgit Ferran's Flash Exos are included here. Level: Intermediate - Lesson 32 Exercises

Homeless after working hard as a teacher in the USA for 50 years.Lesson 33 - Al Kohler, Homeless in Florida - A Topical Video - There are a hundred pictures and many subtitles designed to help us understand Al.Level: Upper Intermediate - There will be exercises in 2013 if we decide to keep this video as part of the permanent collection.

What are you doing at this moment?Lesson 34 - The Present Continuous 2: What are you doing? This simple verb tense is often more complicated than it seems. This short video lesson illustrates the most important use of the Present Continuous tense.
Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 34 Exercises

Laurie's a sweetheart.Lesson 35 - The Present Continuous 3: Laurie: Doing and wearing - Also includes "What do you have?" and "What have you got?" - Level: Beginner/Pre-Intermediate - Exercises coming later.

Does the American dream still exist?Lesson 36 - "American Dream" featuring Sid, Duo Live - A topical clip: How have Rigo, from Mexico, and Sid, from Brooklyn, NY, USA, realized the American dream? Level: Upper Intermediate - Exercises coming as soon as possible.

The Lesson 37 - The Present Continuous # 4 - What are they doing? 17 short interviews. In this video particular clip, you will meet more British and Irish people than Americans. Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 37 Exercises.

What are you wearing?Lesson 38 - The Present Continuous # 5: What are you wearing? - A different use of the present continuous tense + clothing vocabulary. Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
Lesson 38 Exercises

Superlative!Lesson 39 - Comparatives and Superlatives, plus "The Most Beautiful Language" (3 clips) - Level: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate - Exercises coming very soon.

What were Joey's worst and best decisions?Lesson 39b - Joey teaches us about superlatives, tags, gerunds, and conditionals. As you see, we're finally filming in high definition.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 39b Exercises

What are you going to do tonight?Lesson 40 - What are you going to do tonight? - Meet Michael, as well as meet Tom and Connie. They will help you with the near future. Level: Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 40 Exercises

Which guy is your boyfriend?Lesson 40b - Level: Pre-Intermediate
Describe your loved ones. Lesson 40b Exercises

From the same poor country, with very different personalities.Lesson 41 - Parnelle and Esther from Haiti - Good friends with very different backgrounds in Haiti - A topical clip
Level: Upper-Intermediate - Exercises coming later.

How about you? Were you good at school? // What do you mean by Lesson 42 - Were you good at school? (Simple past with was and were)
Level: Beginner /Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 42 Exercises.

Why did they come to New York City?Lesson 43 - Marty and her daughter Ashley. What did Marty do yesterday? Why? - Introduction to the simple past with "did".
Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 43 Exercises.

Did they lie to the interviewer?Lesson 44 - Usually on Saturday vs Last Saturday - A "grammar clip": the Present Simple vs the Simple Past.
Level: Intermediate - Exercises coming soon.
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