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Lesson 55 - Exercise 3 - Typing

Exercise 2 (Lesson 55)
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Review of Conditionals. Look at the table and type in the blanks. Carlos uses the 3rd conditional. He says that if he had known the consequences, he would not have gotten a divorce.

CertainZero ConditionalIf you live, you also die.All Tenses
Probable 1st Conditional If we have a party, we will have a drink.Future
Not Probable 2nd Conditional If I won $10,000,000, I would invest it.Future
NOT Possible 2nd Conditional If I hadn't broken my back, I would help you.Present

NOT Possible
See the Video!
3rd Conditional If Carlos had known the consequences, he would not have gotten a divorce.Past

Watch the video again. Type in the missing words.

1 - Carlos
Interviewer: What's the biggest mistake you think you ever made?
Carlos: Uhm, gettin' divorced.
Interviewer: You got... That was a bad thing to do?
Carlos: Yeah, yeah, that was a bad thing to do.
Interviewer: And why was that was a bad thing to do, do you think?
Carlos: Uhm,because I believe I'm, I'm paying for it right now.
Interviewer: Ah hah! OK. So if you had it to do over again, you gotten that divorce?
Carlos: No, I wouldn't have. I'd have, I'd have tried harder.
Interviewer: Tried harder?
Carlos: Yeah, I would have tried harder.
Interviewer: And so the next time you get married, do you think you're going to try harder?
Carlos: Gonna hold on.
Interviewer: You're going to ?
Carlos: I'm gonna hold on.
Interviewer: Okay.

Review of Superlatives:
good - better (comparative) - best (superlative)
bad - worse (comparative) - worst (superlative)

2 - Sid
Interviewer: Okay, so what's the decision you ever made?
Sid: Wow, the worst decision I ever made... well, probably like decisions, in like prior relationships, things like that.
Interviewer: With women?
Sid: Yeah, with women, yeah.
Interviewer: Okay, that's a very typical answer.
Sid: Yeah.

3 - Steve
Steve: Uh, the worst decision? Uh, not marrying a girl 6 years ago that I should have married.
Interviewer: Oh! Is there any from that bad decision?
Steve: What do you do? You just... Life goes on.
Interviewer: Life goes on.
Steve: Life goes on.
Interviewer: Life goes on.