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Real English and the Marzio School Vicki Hollett - Before having met Vicki online as a colleague, she was first and foremost a mentor, in the same tradition as EFL pioneers L.G. Alexander and Robert O'Neill. During a period of over 30 years when The Marzio School in the south of France was very active in teaching English to French business people and technicians, we used countless quantities of 4 of her books which were perfect for 90% of our students: Business Objectives, Tech Talk, Quick Work, and Business Opportunities. The Meeting Objectives video was the only video besides Real English® which the teachers enjoyed using at that point in time, and Vicki also wrote the workbook for that collection. We've all evolved since then, of course, as the EFL terrain in Europe has radically shifted. Have a look at Vicki's new activities, her new video site for example. She's younger and even more dynamic now!

Real English and the Marzio School English with Jennifer Jennifer Lebedev is redifining the way English is being taught on the internet. In addition to her site, her YouTube channel provides students with the clearest, most well organized lessons on the essentials of the English language. Besides, she's a simply a pleasure to watch and learn with!

Real English and the Marzio School Nik's Learning Technology Blog Nik Peachey is a freelance learning technology consultant, writer and teacher trainer. He specialises in writing computer based learning materials for language development and teacher training. He also offer a range of web related consultancy services. One of the vey best blogs for EFL/ESL teachers on the web.

Real English and the Marzio School Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day Larry is the The master linker to websites that will help you teach ELL, ESL and EFL. He regularly publishes useful articles in the New York Times in addition to other publications. He teaches in Sacrament, California and id the reference in educational technology for the ELL, ESL and EFL community all around the globe.

Real English and the Marzio School proudly features 203 schools & programs with 199 masters & 81 certificates with 68 distance learning options. Everything you need to know about getting your Master's in Tesol, or more simply, your ESL teaching certificate.

Real English and the Marzio School There is nothing easier than starting a blog. You will find information on Miss How To Start A Here are tips to help decide what you want to blog on. Then you can match your subject matter to a WordPress template. They have all types of templates that match your subject matter. You only need to follow the tips at You will almost be finished. There are also tips with any WordPress template that you decide to use. Then it is almost ready. By tomorrow you will be posting your first article on your new blog. Plus the biggest surprise is that it doesn’t cost you anything but time.

Real English and the Marzio School The quick ‘1Minute Review’ is a tool to help make important choices. This website is about ‘Marketing Automation Tools’ and has several tools listed.
The 1 Minute Review site easily shows you how to quickly decide if any of these work for you. You will be able to quickly analyze if any of these tools will save you time or not. Most people in marketing have had the experience of finding a tool on some website that promises it is the easiest to use. You then spend time learning the tool only to find that it is not one that fits your needs. This will not happen on this website.

Real English and the Marzio School If you would like to learn more about cars, car history and other exceptional information concerning cars and the automotive industry a good place to go is CarBrandsWiki. This is an interesting website to go to find information about different car brands, when they were first on the market and what certain brands are popular in different countries. You can also learn where various car brands are manufactured. As you go through this website you will also find that almost every car brand has an interesting story behind it. This website has some very interesting photographs of some of the oldest cars.

Real English and the Marzio School This is one of professional research paper writing services for ESL students. Its academic writers can help with homework assignment for students.

Real English and the Marzio School Webheads in Action, helping each other online for the benefit of ESL students and teachers. Created by Vance Stevens, this is simply the best EFL ESL community on the web. A must for teachers.

Real English and the Marzio School The Marzio School, creator of Real English.

Real English and the Marzio School The Real English Blog.