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Real English Grammatical Clips from South Beach, Miami

This page is a mess, and needs to be updated in any case with our new SoBe Interviews. Update coming soon in 2009! Flash versions available of many of these videos here.

The most up to date videos and lessons are in the
New Lessons Section. This is where students can do some serious learning and have some serious fun!

"SoBe" is short for "South Beach' which is at the southern part of Miami Beach, Florida. It's a great place to videotape and meet people. It's one of those special places where you can feel the creativity in the air: Sobe Clip # 1:

 esl efl video learn englishSobe Clip # 1

 Intro & 


Includes an Introduction to South Beach,

an introduction to Barbara from France,

and topical clip # 1: Women.

Exercise on Women!

The Third Conditional Tense (Upper Intermediate)

Also available as a Real Media download.


esl efl video learn english  
Sobe Clip # 2


& Etta

esl efl video learn english
Sophia, a hairdresser and aspiring singer and songwriter, was our very first interviewee:

Also available in Real Media.
And here's the video transcript.

 Sobe Clip # 3



esl efl video learn english

  "Usually on Saturday" vs "Last Saturday":
practice for pre-intermediate and also for more advanced students, featuring the simple present and the simple past.

What kinds of videos do you find in the Real English lessons? There are several types of video edits.
First, the general presentation videos, and also the basic edit.
We also make video edits with insertion of extra pictures or "stills", in order to help give meaning to what the students hear.
Finally, after doing the interactive exercises, the student can watch a closed caption version of a video.

"Usually on Saturday" vs "Last Saturday"
Real Media Downloads only for the moment

The Basic Edit: Example of Edit with stills: Example of Closed Caption version:

 Sobe Clip #4


esl efl video learn english

esl efl video learn english

In what sense has Sid realized the American dream?  

Also available in Real Media.

Real English Errors - CCC -
Closed Captions Corrected :
Here's a new type of closed caption edit, with corrections of mistakes. Both the interviewer and the interviewees make mistakes when they speak. This is all part of real English!

Real Media and Windows Media:


 Sobe Clip#5

 Parnelle &

esl efl video learn english

esl efl video learn english

Two young ladies from Haiti, one who is very articulate, and the other one who is learning to be a massage therapist.
Real Media or  Windows Media:   



The Nantucket Videos These go back to July 2005

esl efl video learn englishOur very good friends invited us to their home on the island of Nantucket where they live from June to October, so we combined work with pleasure, videotaping in downtown Nantucket and at the island's charter ship docks. On the far right our gracious host, part of his family in between, and on the far left, Paul Hower, the interviewer, with his wife Ann Kellan.

Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket (encircled). esl efl video learn englishAnn took us right to town hall upon arrival where we obtained a videotaping permit. The local authorities were most cooperative and friendly.

This aerial map shows an extreme eastern part of the state of Massachusetts, USA, the island of Nantucket encircled, with the island of Martha's Vineyard to the west and Cape Cod to the north. The town in yellow is Hyannis, showing the general direction of the ferry boats to Nantucket.

As usual, we did two general types of videotaping:

1 - Grammatical (usually for beginner and intermediate students) and
2 - Topical
(usually for intermediate and advanced levels - see examples below).  

These are not strict distinctions. All Real English videos are both topical and grammatical. It's simply a question of emphasis.

In this first case, the emphasis is on the grammatical content.

Click on the picture of Hillary to stream the 4-minute " What have you got...?" clip, an example of a "grammatical video".    This is the short version.


There is also a long, complete version (almost 9 minutes) of "What have you got...?". Stream or Download it. Double your fun and learning experience! So far, this is the most popular Real English clip (the most downloads).

esl efl video learn english got

Or download the short version instead of streaming, in case you want to save it on your hard drive.

And here's a a longer version (6 min 30 sec) of
"What have you got in the bag?":

2 - A few topical videos from Nantucket

Interactive online exercises will be made for these new videos and they will enter the Real English learning library. There are presently
70 main videos for 70 interactive lessons, approx. 70% "grammatical" and 30% "topical".

1 - Our first topical example from Nantucket includes 2 speakers of English from Brazil, Roberta and Maira, the "Culture Collectors" (Real Media downloads)


As you will see, they first came to Nantucket directly from Brazil, but now they take the ferry. The interviewer has called Roberta and Maira "Culture Collectors". Why? Click on the picture of Roberta and Maira to find out.

From Belo Horizonte, Brazil's 3rd largest city. esl efl video learn english
Roberta and Maira


2 - Our first born in the USA interviewee is Kelly. We met her while she was working at the docks where private boats and ships are chartered.

Kelly's from Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, and spends 3 months per year on the island, promoting and booking reservations for fishing and pleasure tours on large boats and ships. We were lucky to have a long "interruption" during this interview, as we watch Kelly doing her job on the phone, booking real reservations for a group of 8 people who will be fishing all day at the time you read this. What is the customer saying?
This girl is going far!  Listen to her "soft sell"! esl efl video learn english


mailbox esl efl video learn english mike at

Over here!
The Classic Collection

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Recent Exercises: What are the Questions?

And Closed Caption Corner.

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