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The video below provides one example of the new 2014 Real English® "South Beach" series of clips. When finished, there will be ten new HD clips from Miami Beach, all with their lessons. The video below includes subtitles, but as you will see in the exercises, we insist that learners watch short sections of each main video, one section at a time, without subtitles. It is extremely important for students to train their ears before reading. The varied exercises exploit the videos in many interesting ways, also paving the way for intensive listening without frustration!

Watch the video and click on Exercise 1.

Learning English on the Street,
a short message for ESL teachers:

Real English ESL It all started over a decade ago when a group of American and British ESL teachers at the Marzio School in the south of France noticed that the traditional materials they were using from the Big Publishers to teach their students simply weren't doing the job they were designed for.

Classroom English is all too often "perfect" with slow short phrases spoken on the audio and video materials used with students. This is fine until the learners actually meet genuine Americans, British people, and other Anglo-Saxons, to discover that nobody, in the real world, speaks "classroom English".

Michael Marzio and his friends & teachers started interviewing people on the streets of the USA, Great Britain, and other countries during school vacations, came back to his language center in France, and edited the video according to classic grammar structures & functions, in order to make the spontaneous, authentic, seemingly fast speech usable by different levels of students, including beginners.

The idea was to take the shock out of hearing real English for the first time. Since our students now watch and listen to real people, the shock is built into the method itself, saving learners many hours of frustration during their first weeks in new English-speaking environments.

Real English is based on a very simple idea, the organization of spontaneous speech. There are no actors here. All the people in the videos are simply being themselves, speaking normally.

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More than 30 different languages
The Following Instructions for using Real English have been translated into 38 languages by students & teacher volunteers who use this site.
  1. Go here and choose a lesson.
  2. Watch the video at the top, without subtitles.
  3. Click on "Exercise 1". Follow the instructions. Do all the exercises.
  4. Now watch the video with subtitles.
Instructions in Korean and Armenian have just been added.

Use the Record/Compare Function with Real English!

You can record yourself and compare your pronunciation to the teacher's pronunciation in the Real English Exercises, thanks to Java.

The latest updates of Java have made this a bit difficult, so I made this tutorial to show you how to allow java to work with the voice recorder.

You can also save your recording and send it to me as an email attachment if you want more help with your pronunciation. Another free service from Real English!

Java is probably already installed on your computer. Update it if necessary, and then follow the instructions in this tutorial:

Recent comment about Real English lessons from Alex Rosas (Universidad Autуnoma del Carmen). She posted on our Facebook page:

...Believe me, your videos are a great help and a very important way to practice for non native students/speakers! Your videos not only help students to learn grammar, comprehend a real conversation and improve pronunciation but also realize the importance of interaction, how people interact in the different situations you present in your videos. I do believe you do a great job with your videos. I like that you take the time to edit with and without CC (closed captions) on separate videos because in that way you understand everything you did not understand in the video without CC. Thanks a lot Real English!!!!

Real English and Esl Video!

New! Real English Mobile
The clip below is a Screencast of the brand new Real English® Mobile site. Also, see our blog.

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